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Utilizing Telehealth Connected Teams and Community
Collaborative Practice to Increase Access to Care

About our speaker:
Heather Luebben earned her Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene and Master of Science in Advanced
Dental Therapy. A member of the first graduating class of dental therapists; she was the second certified
Advanced Dental Therapist in Minnesota. She has worked in private practice and public health settings.
She has worked for Apple Tree Dental since 2008. As a dual licensed dental hygienist and advanced
dental therapist she provides patient care in clinic as well as mobile settings to children, adults, seniors,
and people with special needs. Her practice includes teledentistry, mobile dentistry, and Apple Tree’s
pediatric program.
As a member of Apple Tree’s pediatric team she supports Apple Tree’s two pediatric specialists. She is
also involved with Apple Tree’s clinical innovations team and has been an organizational leader in the
use of silver diamine fluoride, minimally invasive treatment, and teledentistry. She is a member and past
board member of the Minnesota Dental Therapy Association and a career long member of the American
Dental Hygienists’ Association

Apple Tree Dental, is an innovative nonprofit dental organization with a mission to overcome barriers to
oral health by delivering education, prevention, and restorative dental services to vulnerable
populations and by providing leadership and innovation to transform the health care system.

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