Frequently Asked Questions

What is MnDHA?2022-01-24T18:47:29+00:00

MnDHA stands for the Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association. We are part of the ADHA, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

What is MnDHA’s mission?2022-01-24T18:48:03+00:00

To improve the public’s total health, the mission of the Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by increasing the awareness of and ensuring access to quality oral health care, promoting the highest standard of dental hygiene education, licensure and practice, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygiene.

What Is a dental hygienist?2022-01-24T18:48:54+00:00

A dental hygienist is a licensed health care professional who works with the dentist, providing preventive, educational, and therapeutic services for the control of oral diseases and the promotion of both oral and overall health.

A dental hygienist (DH) has graduated from a two or four-year college program that includes classroom studies and extensive supervised clinical experience. A dental hygienist also must pass a national written exam and a comprehensive state clinical exam to earn the RDH license. Generally, the dental hygienist may work in general and specialty oral health practices. Other areas of employment include programs for research, professional education, and community health; hospital and institutional care of disabled persons; federal programs, such as the armed services; or other health service locations as specified in statute or as authorized by the state board of dentistry.

Click here for more information about dental hygiene careers.

Who is eligible to join MnDHA / ADHA?2022-01-24T18:50:11+00:00

 All licensed dental hygienists who live or work in the state of Minnesota are eligible to join.

Do I need to join both MnDHA and ADHA? Can I just join the local or state component?2022-01-24T18:52:21+00:00

That’s the best part – for one low price, you become a member of all three organizations! ADHA is a “tripartite” organization which means all members must belong to the national organization (ADHA), the state or “constituent” organization (MnDHA), plus one of four Minnesota Components (based on what county you live).

What are the membership dues to join ADHA / MnDHA?2022-01-24T18:52:50+00:00

As of 2022, the membership dues are $294 per year (includes ADHA/MnDHA and local Component). Quarterly payments are available if you pay by credit card. There is a $12 fee per year for this service, making the quarterly payments around $77.

What are the primary benefits of belonging to MnDHA and ADHA?2022-01-24T18:53:30+00:00

Because ADHA and MnDHA are the national and state organizations which represent you as a dental hygienist – they are the organizations to which you can turn for the most reliable, supportive, hygiene-focused, information and connections. No other organization focuses on the interests of dental hygienists in quite the same way. Your membership provides you with:

  •  Access magazine – the official publication of ADHA- Journal of Dental Hygiene – the dental hygiene research publication
  • Discounts on some goods and services
  • Opportunities for networking with other dental hygienists
  • Leadership support and development
  • Career support
  • Continuing education that is focused on your needs as a dental hygienist
  • Advocacy on behalf of your interests as a dental hygiene professional
  • Advocacy on behalf of public health especially as it relates to the role of dental hygienists- National, state and local connections
  • Connections to volunteer opportunities / public health initiatives (Special Olympics – Health Education and Athlete Screenings, Head Start Screenings, Seal-A-Smile clinics, Give Kids a Smile projects, Mission of Mercy, and many others)
  • Opportunities to participate in the growth and development of your chosen profession
Who do I contact if my name or mailing address has changed?2022-01-24T18:54:49+00:00

You should contact ADHA to update your mailing address.

How can I be added to MnDHA’s email list?2022-01-24T18:56:09+00:00

Click Here to be added to our mailing list.

How do I receive the MnDHA Newsletter?2022-01-24T18:56:34+00:00

You must be a member of MnDHA to receive our quarterly newsletter. In an effort to ‘Go Green,’ greatly control costs, and bring us up to speed in this electronic mail age, MnDHA newsletters will only be available online and via e-mail. In order to receive your newsletter via email, we will need your current e-mail address. Please update your e-mail address at www.adha.org if you currently have not been receiving the newsletters.

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