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Kathy Forbes will be presenting What is the CDT Procedure Code for a ‘Cleaning’? Oh wait! There IS no code for ‘Cleaning’.

When did licensed, professional dental hygienists become tooth janitors?? Today’s
advertisements promote: “Get a cleaning, exam and digital x-rays for $59.” “A teeth cleaning by a dental
hygienist or other dental professional is a 30-60 minute procedure.” And on, and on goes the advertising.
What is the American Dental Associations’ CDT procedure code for “Cleaning”? As a presenter of
the CDT procedure codes since 1992, there has NEVER been a procedure code for a “cleaning”. So, what
procedure do you select once a diagnosis has been determined?
There are currently seven CDT procedure codes from which hygienists select when preparing a
treatment plan. None of them have the word “cleaning” in their descriptor. But clearly, a diagnosis is
necessary. Now that the CDT Manual includes ICD-10 diagnostic codes, it will be up to the clinician to
select the most appropriate diagnostic code/codes which describe the patient’s oral condition. Only then
can the correct CDT procedure code be recommended.
By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:
• Discuss and understand the specific elements of a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (D0150), the
Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation (D0180), the Periodic Oral Evaluation (D0120) and the Assessment of
a Patient (D0191), each necessary to determine the correct CDT procedure.
• Discuss and understand the specific elements of the 7 CDT “cleaning” procedure codes and what criteria are
needed to select the appropriate code, especially with the latest changes to D4355.


License to use the ADA CDT codes is granted to Kathy S. Forbes, RDH, BS. The use of this statement enables
the speaker and host association to hold a CDT course. The dental procedures codes are owned and published by the ADA in its reference manual Current Dental Terminology. The ADA is the exclusive owner and copyright holder of the CDT (“Code”).



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