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HYBENX is the company’s first product introduction into the dental market that safely and effectively eliminates necrotic debris and bacteria. This action restores infectious oral tissue to a healing state. HYBENX® is a topical therapeutic liquid. It is intended for use in the oral cavity as adjunctive agents to enhance the debridement and decontamination of necrotizing tissues during standard dental procedures to facilitate healing and reduce patient discomfort.

Sue Kump CDA, LDA, MBA is currently the Director of Marketing and Sales at EPIEN Medical, Inc. She has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, spanning roles in clinical, operational, managerial, leadership, training, marketing, and manufacturing. Sue consistently utilizes her extensive clinical and industry knowledge to give practitioners additional perspective on advancements in products and clinical function, relating important information about these advancements with the goal of facilitating the utility of the dental practice.

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