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Do you have a patient that you feel
you can never please? A co-worker/employee who
always seems to have an attitude? Or a manager who
pressures and challenges you at every turn? You are not
alone. Everyone has had to face the challenge of dealing
with difficult situations. This course will help you develop
effective strategies to help you feel more confident and
empowered to take control, manage the situation, and
have a more enjoyable work life.

Topics covered:

• Confidence

• Personal presence/body language

• Learning to say no

• Responding vs reacting

• Dealing with conflict

• Workplace rights

Learning objectives:

• Understand the benefits of responding vs reacting

• Identify strategies to maintain poise and self-control

• Discover the role of presence in developing confidence
and personal empowerment

• Discuss learning ways to say no for greater patient

• Explain workplace rights

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